Getting to Know Your Social Media Platforms: Part 3-Media Sharing

Sharing is a very important part of social networking. Media Sharing websites allow for many different types of sharing to take place. They are a different type of social media that allow users and organizations to not only share written information, but to share videos, pictures, and even presentations allowing an innovative way for organizations to interact with their target audiences.


Youtube allows users to share videos which can give viewers a unique way to experience content. Users can create a channel and recruit followers to their channel to view their content.

To learn more, click here.



Flickr allows users to share pictures on a single database. Pictures can be categorized and tagged to represent certain topics and become searchable on the web. This platform is a great way to share media kits and branding materials with others and to help target audiences learn more about your organization.

To find out more about Flickr visit Josh Lowensohn’s blog.



Slideshare is a platform that allows organizations to share presentations and documents for others to view. It is a great way to share annual reports or presentations that are useful to others. Privacy settings are customizable and able to be viewed either publicly or privately.

To see the great things Slideshare is doing click here.



Pinterest states that their site is “A content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard.” Users can upload their own images or browse images posted by others!

Check out Forbes’ great article here.


Hope these articles help you to begin your media sharing!



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