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What is CDC?

CDC is a consultancy group that specializes in working with development agencies to ensure that all aspects of communication are systematically addressed as part of social development programmes.

CDC – a Bridge Between Private and Public Sectors

CDC is an organization specializing in communication for and about development. Acting as a bridge between the private and public sectors, its goal is to apply state of the art communication strategies to address social issues in a cost effective manner.

CDC Media Relations

Help build capacity in the United Nations system
“Through this workshop, you provided the newly appointed Resident Representatives of the United Nations Development Programme with the necessary practical tools to implement a communications strategy, to create and maintain positive relations with the media and to orchestrate successful media coverage.” – UN Resident Coordinator, Baghdad, Iraq.

CDC Training Objectives

Media Skills Training Objectives
To provide participants with:
Confidence and control in front of cameras and microphones
The ability to respond appropriately to various types of interviews

CDC History

CDC was founded in 1997 and established in the Washington DC area, by Moncef M. Bouhafa, a development communication expert with more than twenty years of experience in the field. Click here to download a copy of Mr. Bouhafa’s CV (in PDF format).He is the principal of CDC, which has special relationships with associates in other parts of the world. read more>>

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Moncef Bouhafa

Program Director
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