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CDC can design and produce handbooks, sourcebooks, and manuals on aspects of strategic communication ranging from strategy design, to how to perform better in a media interview. Because of the number and breadth of organizations that we work with as well as the proficiency of our staff we are able to produce relevant content at in a cost efficient manner for any international client.

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Our work to date has included :

International Organization for Migration – Focal Points Guide to Communications.  A manual destined for the IOM’s media focal points in the field, this guide focused on communication tools such as photography and videography as well as better interview techniques and understanding what journalists are looking for. Was made available in English, French and Spanish.



United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) – Pocket Guide for Communicators. As part of the reform process for the UN, a small pocket guide was produced for senior managers in the UN who attended a leadership course at the UN in New YorkPocket Guide for Managers

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)  – Booklet on Interview Techniques. A short how to for staff that do media interviews focusing on the balance of the visual, verbal and vocal messages.  Was made available in English, French and Spanish.

tn_UNDP Tool Kit

tool Kit for UNDP

UNICEF – Source Book for Communicating Immunization. This guide was produced on a CD and included all the information needed for a journalist to accurately report on immunization. The CD also included digital files with taped interviews with senior UNICEF and WHO officials that helped explain the various aspects of an immunization programme.

Manual produced to help journalists cover immunization for UNICEF

Manual produced to help journalists cover immunization for UNICEF

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) – Tool Kit for Organizing Media Workshops. CDC shared its knowledge in designing and delivering media training workshops with the CGIAR so that its centers around the world could develop their own workshops in a cost effective but quality way. CDC produced both a trainer’s guide as well as a participant’s handout and a DVD with news clips that could be used as part of the teaching with other presentation materialstn_CGIAR Manual Cover

International Labor Organization (ILO) – CDC was contracted by the ILO to lead the development of the “Managing Media and External Communications” Module for the ILO Management and Leadership Development Programme. The self-directed learning Module on the area of Managing the Media and External Communications was designed to provide ILO managers with an ability to plan, manage, monitor and evaluate the external communications function and understand how to engage the media around ILO activities and issues

.tn_ILO Manual Cover

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