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CDC is an organization specializing in communication for and about development. Acting as a bridge between the private and public sectors, its goal is to apply state of the art communication strategies to address social issues in a cost effective manner.

CDC seeks professional excellence through the association of specialists and experts in enterprises designed to enhance strategic alliances and communication initiatives in developing and developed countries. With an international focus, CDC devises audience-centered communication strategies taking individual, group and global needs into account. CDC has a global focus, and has worked with more than forty different agencies of the United Nations System across all continents. The Center has a long term agreement with the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) to provide learning in the area of strategic communication to the UN system. We are also a shortlisted contractor to the World Bank in Washington DC and to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in New York.

Strategic partnerships with Governments, NGOs, universities and training centers, media companies and private sector institutions are CDC’s main strength


What is CDC ?

ILO Tripartite Partners in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 2011

CDC is a consultancy group that specializes in working with development agencies to ensure that all aspects of communication are systematically addressed as part of social development programmes. This ranges from providing training and individual media coaching in the area of communication and media skills for senior development agency representatives to undertaking consultancies provide technical assistance, proposal writing, feasibility studies, socio-economic analysis, market research, program monitoring and evaluation, and impact assessments. The group can provide support in emergency situations as well. The group has expertise in democracy and governance, reproductive health, rural development, child survival, the environmental issues, and basic education. Overview of CDC

The Center delivers media training with a strong focus on development issues to its clients across all continents. To date we have trained more than 500 UN leaders from various UN agencies through our collaboration with the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) based in Turin, Italy.  We have also trained heads of state and government, as well as civil society activists and women leaders.  CDC was privileged to work with UN women leaders at the Amman Women’s leadership forum in 2011.

CDC was founded in 1997 and established in the Washington DC area, by Moncef M. Bouhafa, a communication for development (C4D)  expert with more than thirty years of experience in the field. He is the principal of CDC, which has special relationships with associates in other parts of the world. Moncef Bouhafa Resume


CDC is proud to be working with more than 35 multilateral organizations, more than twenty private sector and NGO organizations, and more than twenty governments world wide. Our client list is available here  To see a full list of our clients click here  or download list here  


How can CDC help you ?

CDC can provide technical support as a group or through its individual associates to development agencies in the following skills:


  • Learning Design for Strategic Communication Courses for Governance, Education, and Health
  • Design and Delivery of Media Skills training for Senior Development Officials and spokespersons
  • Executive Coaching for Top Management and Leaders.
  • Development of creative social mobilization and communication strategies
  • Development of independent media in developing and emerging countries
  • Gender Focused learning for Women leaders and Politicians
  • Organization of mass media campaigns
  • Program monitoring and evaluation
  • Project design
  • Proposal writing
  • Quantitative research and qualitative appraisals
  • Resource mobilization strategies for both private and public sectors.
  • Social Media as part of a communication strategy
  • Social mobilization analysis covering qualitative and quantitative research at national and community levels.

CDC has expertise in the following content areas:

  • Child rights
  • Child survival and Development
  • Communication for Development (C4D)
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Economic Reform
  • Education Reform
  • Environment
  • Girls education
  • Governance
  • Humanitarian Programmes
  • Privatization
  • Reproductive health including HIV/AIDS

Please also see services that we offer for clients around the world.

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