Building Networks for Public Affairs with Digital Media

This course will help you integrate your online and offline efforts to maximize your outreach and support your development goals. The course uses CDC’s proven methodology of a balance of classroom learning and practical applications.

We blend CDC’s strategic communication advantages with social media and our deep knowledge of development and humanitarian issues from more than four decades of development work. Senior management staff from UN agencies including the International Labor Organization, the World Bank, UNICEF, UNDP , UNFPA, European Institutions have attended this re designed course.

What you will take away from attending this two day event: 

Specifically, in this two day course you will learn

  1.  How to use the STEPPS approach to make your content go viral and build new audiences for your advocacy messages and policy prescriptions. 
  2.  Using hashtags (#) strategically to join other people’s conversations and share meaningful content. 
  3.  Working with tools like Facebook live to help boost your content to targeted audiences beyond the scope of traditional media.

    Hands on practice of Facebook live broadcasting to a group


  4.  An update on which platforms are performing better for your overall communication strategy. 
  5. Using groups and lists to refine and target your content to the right audience.  

Class session in Brussels covering the STEPPS approach


The Team:

Our team of cross cultural and highly experienced professionals include:

Moncef Bouhafa (@moncefb)
A strategic communication expert with more than three decades of experience in the field of communication; Moncef is currently director and founder of the Center for Development Communication. Moncef’s experience working in more than 90 countries throughout his career provides a professional and important cultural context for our courses and a unique perspective for integrating social media into your media efforts. Moncef has taught social media to senior UN officials, and developed campaigns for advocacy organizations.




Ignasi Centelles Santana (@ignasics)
Our social media expert Ignasi Centelles has advised a vast array of international organizations and trained professional staff from the UN, World Bank, ILO, UNICEF and European Parliament, among others. He has coordinated research on Social Media, International outreach campaigns and Strategic Communications with a focus on development issues.
He is specialized in Social Media to achieve development goals and in conflict / post conflict regions and has served or advised International Organizations in countries like Kosovo, Syria or Afghanistan. Based in Brussels for more than 10 years, Ignasi understands what makes the Eurobubble go around and how to use social media for EU wide advocacy and PR campaigns.



For more information contact Moncef Bouhafa

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Moncef Bouhafa

Program Director
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