USING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR DEVELOPMENT – Boosting Traditional Media with Social Media

Social media has proven to be an effective way to optimize traditional media outreach efforts, as well as reach new audiences. This course will help you integrate your online and offline efforts to maximize your outreach and support your development goals. The course uses CDC’s proven methodology of a balance of classroom learning and practical applications.
We blend CDC’s strategic communication advantages with social media and our deep knowledge of development and humanitarian issues from more than four decades of development work. You will learn what is new that you can adapt to your own social media tool kit. This course is meant to help senior development officials understand how and be able to amplify mainstream media outreach efforts. If you are a development professional serving within the UN system, other international organizations and international NGOs, who faces the challenge of enhancing your communication efforts in an ever changing media landscape, then this course is for you.
At the end of this workshop you with learn how to identify how a comprehensive social media strategy can significantly boost your outreach and advocacy efforts:
1. Building new audiences through social media – monitoring conversations through hashtags and aggregators and identifying new followers, influencers in your field as well as discussion groups that make sense.
2. Hands on developing your own blog and using it to amplify your content and to identify new audiences. Using editors and auto tweeting and posting to Facebook.
3. How to amplify your media event. With a set of guidelines for before, during and after the event.
4. Hands on twitter and Facebook to amplify your event. How to create a unique hashtag, identify trending hashtags that are relevant to your audience. Building new audiences through Facebook groups. Existing groups like “vulture club” and others.
5. Added Value of Social Media. Using it to amplify reach of existing media interactions. Using various tools to boost your traditional media effort such as Periscope or Facebook live.
6. New trends on the use of social Media to enhance your visibility as an organisation and influence traditional Media.
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The Team:
Our team of cross cultural and highly experienced professionals include:
Moncef Bouhafa
A strategic communication expert with more than three decades of experience in the field of communication; Moncef is currently director and founder of the Center for Development Communication. Moncef’s experience working in more than 90 countries throughout his career provides a professional and important cultural context for our courses and a unique perspective for integrating social media into your media efforts. Moncef has taught social media to senior UN officials, and developed campaigns for advocacy organizations.
Ignasi Centelles
Our social media expert Ignasi Centelles has advised a vast array of international organizations and trained professional staff from the UN, World Bank, ILO, UNICEF and European Parliament, among others. He has coordinated research on Social Media, International outreach campaigns and Strategic Communications with a focus on development issues.
He is specialized in Social Media to achieve development goals and in conflict / post conflict regions and has served or advised International Organizations in countries like Kosovo, Syria or Afghanistan. Based in Brussels, Ignasi brings a European perspective to the discussion of uses of social media.



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Moncef Bouhafa

Program Director
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