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Public debate is at the heart of democratic governance, and access to information is crucial. Not only do development officials need to engage the media, but they also need to nurture and support free and open media which can provide a critical measure of whether a country is progressing towards democracy and development. This course is designed to provide practitioners with the skills that they need to develop communication interventions in the governance area. Previous editions of this course have been held in Geneva and in Cambodia (2010).

CDC created this course in 2005 response to the growing need to strategically program communication as a key aspect of any governance project, and to address the issues of media responsibility that arise from an increasing emphasis in development programming on a rights based approach. Initially focused on the area of media development, the course objectives have been broadened to include the following objectives as well:

•To understand the link between Governance and Communication
•To balance the three aspects of Media Governance in programmes
•To understand issues related to credibility, accountability and quality in the Media
•To be able to design a comprehensive communication strategy to support Governance Programs. 

Phnom Penh 2010

Over a period of three days, this workshop highlights key issues related to Communication and Governance focusing on both the supply side of governance as well as the demand side.  On the supply side the focus is on building transparent institutions that will communicate more effectively and on the demand side the focus is on building strong independent media.  Materials are based on work that CDC has done in the area of governance in Asia and Africa as well as drawing on best international practices. CDC Director Moncef Bouhafa has worked as an adviser to the World Bank in Cambodia on a major governance initiative, and has also worked with UNDP to strengthen media governance in Africa.


To provide senior management and practitioners with tools to support  communication for governance, by building skills in key areas that should be addressed as part of a development project to strengthen the role of independent media.

The three day course will focus on the following  aspects:

  • Designing a Communication Strategy for a Governance Program (including sharing the five management decisions and how these relate to the supply and demand sides
  • The Demand Side of Governance including
  • Governance by the Media (fighting corruption, campaigns for human rights)
  • Governance in the Media (ethics and accountability)
  • Quality Indicators for Independent Media
  • Media Accountability Systems – What they are and how they can be applied.
  • The Supply Side of Governance including
  • Governance for the Media (Enabling conditions (regulations) that society develops for the media)
  • Building transparent and accountable government institutions (including the role of spokespersons in a democratic society)
  • Building Bridges with the Media


  • Governance for, by and in the Media
  • Communication Strategy Design
  • Quality Indicators for Indpendent Media
  • Media Accountability Systems
  • Building Bridges with the Media

The workshop is designed to have plenary sessions in the morning and group work around case studies in the afternoon. 

Workshop Presenters & Contributors

The workshop will be led by Moncef Bouhafa and will include local resource people drawn from the Bangkok area. Consult other faculty. Mr. Bouhafa is a strategic communication expert with more than thirty years of experience in the field including governance projects in Asia.

Tuition Fees:

This workshop will be held in  Bangkok this year.

For more information contact Moncef Bouhafa at or apply online!

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