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Whether for a specific institution, programme/project or government partner, CDC can help you determine the “WHAT” of communication, through the design and implementation of a communication strategy.  As the constituency builds for increased investment in communication, CDC can:

  • Help design and implement a stakeholder assessment that identifies key objectives for communication as well as key audiences that need to be reached. Assessments can be of different durations and use both qualitative and quantitative means. They can also include a secondary analysis of existing research as well as an analysis of media coverage.
  • [Based on the assessment] Craft a strategic framework that meets the 5 key management decisions (Audience, Objective, Message, Tactic, and Monitoring). These strategies can also include an implementation plan for the first year. Strategies can be developed or validated through a participatory process that includes key stakeholders.
  • Help implement communication strategies through serving as an external advisor to senior management and/or communication teams including helping with structural issues, advising on recruitment and helping mid-course correction based on project monitoring.

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Some of our work has included:

For the International Labor Organization (ILO) 
  • Design of  a communication strategy for The Decent Work Agenda at the global level ;
  • A media strategy for increasing knowledge of labor law in Tanzania for the Tri-Partite partners including Labor, Employer, and Government Representatives;
  • Helping develop communication programmes to promote and strengthen freedom of association in Africa (with funding from Norway CDC director developed a curriculum and training for trade union leaders, employer’s representatives and government delivered in Botswana, Ghana and Tanzania);
  • A communication strategy for the Arbitration Council in Cambodia to promote its work as part of the Demand for Good Governance Project funded by the World Bank.
For the World Bank Group:

tn_Discours-Chef-CISCODesigned communication strategies for :

  • Demand for Good Governance in Cambodia;
  • Reproductive Health and Urban Development in Guinea;
  • Education Reform (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) in Madagascar;
  • Private Public Partnerships in Africa;
  • Economic Reform in Jordan (with the Executive Privatization Commission)  
  • HIV/AIDS in Cameroon (Developed the TOR for the design of the strategy)


For the United Nations

Designed Communication Strategies for “Delivering as One” an initiative that was launched as part of UN reform.  CDC worked in five countries to help develop communication strategies as part of the UN reform process. These included two of the eight pilot countries (Albania and Cape Verde) as well as three other countries that were self-starters. (Macedonia, Moldova and Syria)


Designed a communication strategy for UNICEF in the Middle East and North Africa Region and for Polio Eradication in Iraq, Djibouti, and Sudan.  Also designed a communication strategy for UNICEF in Mongolia for its new country programme.

FOR UNESCO (with United Arab Emirates)

tn_ADACH Team PictureThrough UNESCO worked with the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) to design a Communication Strategy for Cultural Heritage Protection Preservation and Promotion in Abu Dhabi.  Mr. Bouhafa was a member of ten person expert team under the guidance of UNESCO to assess the situation and develop a strategy to promote cultural heritage in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. Once the strategy was approved, Mr. Bouhafa acted as the Chief Technical Advisor to the new authority for the first year, helping with a range of issues from recruiting personnel to developing learning strategies.


UN Women

Communication Strategy for Gender Issues in Moldova –  CDC  advised the UN Women office in Moldova on developing their communication strategy to promote gender issues and the role of UN Women  in the country.

Violence against Women (Europe/CIS and West Africa) CDC helped with the organization of strategic communications workshops for grantees of UN Women’s Trust Fund in Support of Actions to Eliminate Violence against Women. During the workshops they were taught how todesign communication strategies. CDC conceived and implemented events in Eastern Europe and West and Central Africa, and and helped follow up with the projects that were actually designed.

For the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) (Near East Regional Office).

A communication strategy was developed by the FAO in close collaboration with the Director of CDC. The communication strategy highlighted the current situation in the region – focusing on the communication challenges and opportunities as well as the particular media context in the Middle East and North Africa.  The strategy described Key Audiences; Communication Objectives; Key Messages (based on FAO corporate messages tailored to the region); Tactics and Tools and included ways to monitor and evaluate activities. A one year action plan was developed with the office as well. FAO is using this as a model for other regions.

FOR the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Mongolia and China.

In Mongolia CDC crafted an institutional communication strategy that could better position the organization in the country as it transitioned to middle income status thanks to significant mining revenues.  In China CDC helped the office to design a communication strategy as well as tool kits that could be used by partners for improving communication interventions. 

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