About the Workshop

The International Executive Media and TV Workshop (IEMTW) is CDC’s flagship course. It is an intensive three day course targeted at communication practitioners, technical project staff and media focal points working for UN agencies; civil society organizations; and public institutions.   The course provides an all-inclusive learning package that will help participants improve the aspects that they control as well as better understand the aspects that they don’t control in dealing with the media.  Participants can expect the following results at the end of the workshop to:

1)      Better ability to balance the visual, vocal and verbal elements of personal communication during a media interview or presentation.

2)      Better understanding of what journalists are looking for in contacting you, including what makes a subject newsworthy.

3)      Better ability to engage the media around key social development issues through a better balance of earned vs. paid vs. social media.

How the Learning is organized.

The IEMTW is an interactive designed learning event that includes interview simulations, peer group sessions, as well as class theory.  CDC combines individual coaching and mentoring with group learning and peer reviews in order to achieve maximum effectiveness for the workshop. The approach begins well before the learning event through a pre workshop assessment that seeks to identify specific problem areas for each participant. At the same time thorough research into the work area of each participant is carried out.

The workshop is conducted in English and includes  plenary sessions in the morning and parallel group and individual coaching sessions in the afternoon. The core learning takes place in individual one on one coaching sessions. At least three sessions are provided, so that participants can see improvements from one day to the next as they try and apply the newly acquired skills. In order to provide for greater reality, edited clips from the individual sessions are shared with all participants in a peer review. This helps participants understand the virtues of being concise and on message. It is a unique part of CDC’s methodology.

Shortly after the workshop each participant gets a feedback memo with key learning points from the CDC coaching team as well as a CD with the participant’s recorded mock interviews.

The workshop will be offered on a limited basis beginning in 2019.  Please see calendar for dates of the workshops and locations

What participants say about the workshop:

“A challenging experience that showed me what was possible and how to get there, whilst enjoying myself immensely.  Thank you!” UN Communication Official – Asia

“Great learning experience with an excellent group of professionals!” – UNAIDS official – East Asia

“Excellent experience in interfacing with the media, a necessity for any manager” UN Official Barbados

“I enjoyed the style of the facilitators and their expert knowledge of the media and their willingness to share tips with us and help us view ourselves through their lenses, our own lenses and the lenses of our peers.” UN official Barbados

“I learned some extremely valuable lessons, not just for when I am on BBC, but for when I am presenting work to colleagues or weekend plans to my wife.”  Human Rights Official – East Asia

“This workshop was one of the most constructive and useful professional workshops I ever attended” – UNFPA official – East Africa

“It turned out to be a confidence-buildingworkshop.” UNDP Official – South Asia

“For the first time, after a very long time, that I felt that I learnt something very useful and gained value for the time spent away from office and family.” – FAO Official East Asia

Additional  Workshop Results: 

In addition participants will learn to

  • Develop Winning Messages: Think more strategically. Using a simple three part process, CDC’s workshop will help you develop winning messages for your issue or organization.
  • Respond to Crisis/ Reputation Management: How to react to negative press that can harm your organization’s credibility.
  • Be Camera/ Microphone Ready: How to be camera ready and camera smart when being interviewed, by learning to balance the three aspects of communication: The Visual (Body Language and How you dress); The Vocal (how you pronounce the words and punctuation) and the Verbal (the content of your message and the words themselves)
  • Engage the Media: How to work  with the media to effectively advocate your organization’s position, mobilize resources, promote an emerging issue or publish latest findings.

Who should enroll in the International Executive Media Training Workshop?

The IEMTW has been designed to supplement the often times limited institutional or in-house training your own organization may offer. It is a great opportunity in situations where there may be one or a few participants to train. The following categories of staff would benefit from this training:

  • Deputy Country Representatives of UN Agencies
  • Senior Communication Officers (with a spokesperson role)
  • Senior managers of NGOs, private and voluntary organizations and other civil society based organizations
  • Senior managers, program staff, communication practitioners working in UN agencies, programs and funds
  • Government Communication Officers and Spokespersons

Workshop Faculty

Training Team

Sessions are delivered by CDC faculty who come from mixed backgrounds and provide a diverse learning perspective, Faculty include working journalists as well as strategic communication experts and professionals with a development background. (CDC Faculty)  The training team will vary depending on the location.

How to Apply

The number of participants is limited to 12-14 maximum in order to ensure a good learning experience for each participant.  Participants should register on line at:

Or they can email a request:

Fee schedule is available upon request from

Please note that participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements including airfare as well as any visa arrangements.

Enrollment in all CDC workshops is subject to availability and approval by CDC staff. All applications will undergo a rigorous review process by CDC.


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