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CDC offers its own workshops that eligible candidates can sign up for on line:

In 2019 CDC will offer a limited schedule of events.

The “International Executive Media and TV Workshop” 

A short three day courses for practitioners and technical specialists where advocacy is an important component for them.

What can you expect ?

At the end of  the workshop you will have improved your ability to frame and deliver an appropriate message we will help you develop winning messages for your issue or organization.

Simulated Interviews are reviewed in class with a seasoned CDC coach

Better understand media dynamics and think strategically about your media engagement – including how and when to react to negative press that can damage your reputation.
Develop long-term strategic relations and improve existing relations with media;
Respond to journalists’ queries in a manner that builds credibility, and results in better and more frequent coverage.

Camera/Microphone Readiness: How to be camera ready and camera smart when being interviewed. Balancing the three types of messages and taking charge. Using hands-on experiential learning and individualized professional coaching.

Using social media to monitor your media environment and spread your ideas. Build strategic relationships to promote your issues. Networking with the media using such tools as aggregators and blogs. Learning the benefit of the strategic use of hashtags.  

How is the workshop organized?  

The CDC workshop draws upon the extensive professional experience of CDC staff, then combines this with hands-on experiential learning and individualized professional coaching. The course will prepare you for a videotaped interview with an experienced journalist. You will evaluate your performance with your professional coach and learn techniques for improvement. Case studies and problem based learning utilizing examples from participants own professional experience provide yet another level of learning.

Our seasoned faculty come from media, public relations, and learning backgrounds. 

What your course fees include

  • Three half hour sessions including mock interviews with tailored feedback on your strengths and limitations.
  • A road map for better media engagement
  • A twenty five-page handout with guidance general
  • A soft copy with your interviews – with a tailored feedback memo from the coaching staff
  • A certificate of participation.
  • Three lunches and a group dinner as well as all coffee/tea breaks.

This workshop will be offered exclusively in Bangkok in December. Please register here. 


Building Networks for Public Affairs with Digital Media

This two day course will help you integrate your online and offline efforts to maximize your outreach and support your development goals. The course uses CDC’s proven methodology of a balance of classroom learning and practical applications. It is based on our learning approach for UN clients including for political missions as well as for Economic Commissions and other groups.

You will become more aware of when your organization is being talked about online and how to react, measure the success of social media communication, and generate tailored content easily using free (or premium) online tools.

We blend CDC’s strategic communication advantages with social media and our deep knowledge of development and humanitarian issues from more than four decades of development work. You will learn what is new that you can adapt to your own social media tool kit.

What will you learn?

  1.  How to use the STEPPS approach to make your content go viral and build new audiences for your advocacy messages and policy prescriptions. 
  2.  Using hashtags (#) strategically to join other people’s conversations and share meaningful content. 
  3.  Working with tools like Facebook live to help boost your content to targeted audiences beyond the scope of traditional media.

    Hands on practice of Facebook live broadcasting to a group


  4.  An update on which platforms are performing better for your overall communication strategy. 
  5. Using groups and lists to refine and target your content to the right audience.  

This workshop will be offered exclusively in Brussels in November 2019. Please register here

Strategic Media Skills for Senior Managers (SMS)

This two day course uses a problem based learning approach using simulations and case studies focused on leadership communication issues that senior managers must handle well.  Focus is on coaching and mentoring. Participants’ digital footprint (where available) is reviewed ahead of the course and a pre workshop analysis is conducted. 

What is the course about?  

  • Two day intensive course designed for leaders – interactive methodology and multiple opportunities to share personal experiences. Has helped prepare candidates for the assessment to become a resident coordinator of the United Nations.
  • Best practices in the area of strategic communication – what has proven to work and what is less effective
  • Latest lessons learned from media interviews (hard talk style humanitarian as well as proactive policy type) including individual coaching and tailored feedback and DVD of interviews
  • Key issues related to damage control, how to develop response mechanisms and deal with blame in the media.
  • Networking with the Media to improve your engagement and visibility

What your course fees include

  • Simulated Interviews are at the heart of this workshop

    Three interview simulations with tailored feedback on your strengths and limitations.

  • How to recognize the true nature of a reputation issue in the media and to choose the right strategy to deal with it? A blue print for action
  • A twenty five-page handout with guidance general
  • A soft copy of your interviews – with tailored feedback from the coaching staff
  • A follow up one hour coaching session on line using SKYPE or Google Hangout. (After a period of six to eight weeks)
  • A certificate of participation.
  • Two lunches and a group dinner as well as all coffee/tea breaks.



This workshop will be held exclusively in Brussels in November 2019. Please register here. 

Workshop Tuition Fees

We do not publish prices on line – but they are available on request. Our prices are competitive and we offer both group and early registration discounts. Special prices are available for UN agencies and Non Governmental Organizations. 

Fees do not cover airfare or hotel costs. Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements, costs and visa. CDC will provide an invitation letter for any participant who requests it. Fees must be paid in US dollars prior to the start of the workshop. Payment deadlines will be communicated to registered and sponsored participants.

Enrollment at all workshops is subject to availability and approval by CDC staff. All applications will be reviewed by CDC.

Cancellation Policy

Please check the cancellation policy that is contained in the information note for each workshop.

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