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CDC will offer its own workshops that eligible candidates can sign up for on line:

In 2018 CDC will offer the following courses. Download the One Page 2018 Calendar

International Executive Media and TV Workshop (IEMTW)

The IEMTW is an intensive hands on learning event that helps project and communication officers  learn to better engage the media around their particular issues and to increase public support and visibility for the organization.

Expected Results

By participating in this intensive 3 day course you will improve skills in the following three areas:

  • Communicating Strategically: Learn how to develop clear and concise messages as part of an overall communication strategy
  • Delivering an Effective Interview: Through 3 individual coaching sessions become confident in balancing the three v’s of effective communication to deliver the messages your organization wants to convey
  • Building Bridges with the Media: Learn how to work with the media by first understanding their perspective
  • Understanding what journalists are looking for : Understand the different types of journalists and how you can or cannot fit into a story.

The learning is designed so that we combine individual coaching sessions with group learning so that what you learn is internalized and can be easily applied. Results are immediate for most participants.

The number of participants is deliberately kept small, to enhance learning retention.

The IEMTW is offered in English in Bangkok and Beirut and in French in Casablanca and Tunis. Please  Check Calendar for dates  

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Boosting Traditional Media with Social Media 

Our course   will help you focus and prioritize social media to achieve development goals, blending strategic communication with social media, with the focus on development and humanitarian issues.

This course is meant to help senior development officials better communicate with target audiences and spread your message. If you are serving within the UN system, other international organizations and international NGOs, if you face the challenge of communicating in a changing social media landscape and want to master the potential of online communication to achieve development goals, then this course is for you.

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Strategic Media Skills for Senior Managers (SMS)

The SMS course was piloted successfully in 2006 and has been offered more than twenty times since. The course is tailor made for busy senior managers who need to learn but have extensive demands made on their time.

The course is intended to complement the usually brief training that is offered through in house courses. Many of our participants are graduates of the UNCT Leadership and Coordination workshop that is organized by the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) in Turin each year.
This course will focus on management aspects of communication – including dealing with crisis; managing a media friendly office; and developing effective spokesperson behavior. Each participant will get three sessions of coaching either individually or in small groups of maximum 4 participants.

The SMS is offered in Geneva, and Washington DC. See Calendar for Details.

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Workshop Tuition Fees

CDC prices its workshops on an annual basis.  The 2018 Price List is available on request from CDC.  In addition, group discounts are available.

Fees do not cover airfare or hotel costs. Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements, costs and visa. CDC will provide an invitation letter for any participant who requests it. Fees must be paid in US dollars prior to the start of the workshop. Payment deadlines will be communicated to registered and sponsored participants.
CDC has no independent capacity to provide sponsorship, but will gladly assist in identifying sponsors from our UN and Donor Agency contacts
Enrollment at all workshops is subject to availability and approval by CDC staff. All applications will be reviewed by CDC.

Cancellation Policy

Please check the cancellation policy that is contained in the information note for each workshop.

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